Art Licensing FAQ


  • WHAT IS ART LICENSING?  Art licensing allows you to purchase a non-exclusive license to make and sell unlimited finished goods from the artwork/pattern of your choice. Most of our pattern and illustration work is available for art licensing.
  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  Pricing is dependent on the design, but starts at $500 
  • WILL MY CONTRACT BE EXCLUSIVE?  No.  All licensing is non-exclusive.  The patterns remain for sale for other companies to license and will continue to be sold 
  • WHO WILL HAVE OWNERSHIP OF THE ARTWORK? Cassy Turnbull Art retains all copyright and ownership of the artwork and all derivative works at all times
  • DO I NEED TO CREDIT CASSY TURNBULL ART AS THE ARTIST? While credit is not required, it is certaintly appreciated.  
  • WHAT IS THE CONTRACT LENGTH?  Contract terms are good for 12 months 
  • WILL I HAVE TO PAY ROYALTIES ON ITEMS I SELL?  No. You pay a flat fee upfront to licensing the art work. No further royalties are required unless a contract agreement states otherwise. 
  • MAY I MODIFY THE ART THAT I LICENSE?  Unless the prior written approval of Cassy Turnbull is obtained, the Licensee may not modify or change the artwork in any manner.
  • WHAT WILL I RECEIVE (ART FORMAT)?  Licensee will receive final art in a .jpeg file format using RGB colour space. Please contact your printer prior to purchase and confirm they are able to print with this type of file format as no refunds will be issued after purchase.  Original files are not available for licensing at this time.